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Italian Mayor Publishes Thanks to Haomei Aluminium

March 27, 2020

An Italian client received our medical surgical masks and donated them to local health control administration. Later, the Mayor of the city where he lives published his thanks to our company on Facebook, with our logo. Deeply moved by our friend’s generous gesture and the Mayor’s sincerity, we express our thanks here to them and people leaving comments of thanks below the post. We cherish our friendship with you.

Italian Mayor thanks Haomei Aluminium on Facebook.

In the past month Haomei Aluminium purchased thousands of masks from every possible channel and sent them to our clients abroad in Europe, North America, South America, Philippines, Korea and Africa. Due to impact of the coronavirus on logistics system in some regions, not all of the masks reached the destination in time, and we keep receiving letters of thanks from our friends.

This, however, is not enough. We wish to do more. We plan to collect more masks, goggles, temperature measuring guns, anti epidemic clothing, disposable gloves and other anti epidemic articles and send them to our friends in need. We will keep doing this and strive to help them as possible as we can. Wish all our friends and their families safe and healthy! You are not alone, for we will be together with you from the beginning to the end!

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