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How to avoid color difference of anodized alu sheets

May 17, 2021

Whatever you are a producer or buyer, here are tips for avoid supplying or buying anodized aluminum sheets with color difference.

Reasons for color difference of anodized aluminium sheets:

A. Variation in the solution composition, content, concentration, temperature, treatment time and other factors;

B. Color difference in the original base sheets, in which case color difference will still occur even though the factors in the A part are controlled well;

C. Different batches of raw material sheets show varied metal element content and material texture, which affects the final color uniformity of the sheets.

anodized aluminum sheet

Solutions to color difference of anod alu sheets as a producer

1. Strict control of the factors in A above, and repeated adjustments and tests;

2. Prepare raw material sheets of the same batch;

3. Lighten pigments and extend dyeing time. Poor conductivity may hang and loosen. Pay attention to hanging tight to avoid such problems. If the dye is too thin, you can add dye to increase the concentration. If the dyeing temperature is too low, you can heat the dyeing liquid below 60°C. Improper dyes dissolve or do not dissolve in floating dyes, resulting in chromatic aberration. The solution is to increase the dissolution of the dye.

Solutions to color difference of anod alu sheets as a buyer

Purchase the same batch of sheets from a same supplier. It’s really hard for even an experienced manufacturer to supply anodized aluminum sheets with no color difference at all, as long as they are of varied production batches.

Haomei Aluminium strives to supply the best quality anodized alu sheets for clients. Over the years we have accumulated lots of practical tips for production and purchasing. Welcome to contact us.

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