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8011 h22 aluminium foil roll for food foil

May 14, 2021

8011 h22 aluminium foil roll for food foil is 0.0055mm to 0.2mm thick, and 100mm to 1500mm wide, used for household foil, container foil and flexible packing. H22 is a little harder than O. O refers to the full soft state of an aluminum product, and H22 one fourth hard of the extreme hardness. Flexible packing foil is the thinnest, only 0.0055mm to 0.009mm, and the width is 200mm to 1500mm. The household aluminum foil of 8011 is a little thicker, 0.01mm to 0.2mm, and width 280mm to 600mm. The food container 8011 h22 aluminium foil is the thickest, 0.03mm to 0.2mm.

8011 h22 aluminium foil rolls for food foil

The requirements for food aluminium foil are very strict. They must be sanitary, strong, flexible, smooth and opaque, and 8011 aluminium foil of H22 just meets such standards. As an aluminium product, it contains no toxic or unhealthy elements. And the production process is of a high sanitary level, too. As a food wrapping or containing material, the foil must also be flexible so that it can be bent at will, and strong so that it will not break under small tearing forces. The surface must be smooth so as to take the paint, laminating materials and printing materials perfectly. And smooth surfaces are more beautiful. Opaqueness of the 8011 h22 aluminium foil roll for food foil is essential, for the food must be protected from light, or else its quality might be influenced.

Then how to meet such requirements in production? The answer lies in strict raw material control, advanced casting and rolling equipment and high-standard quality inspection. The foil must go through two or three rolling steps before being finished, and oil amount is strictly controlled, because excessive oil will influence the further processing of the foil, such as printing, laminating and so on. Right test rules and instruments are crucial, too. No aluminium foil rolls are allowed out of the factory unless they are totally qualified.

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