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aluminium foil coil

Classification of aluminium foil coil

Aluminium foil coil can be classified by thickness, alloy, surface treatment methods, application etc. Details are as below. By thickness aluminium foil coil falls on three groups. Rolls between 0.1mm and 0.2mm thick, that is, with a thickness over 0.1mm, are called the heavy duty aluminum foil. Those between 0.01mm and 0.1mm thick are known as medium gauge foil, and …

aluminum foil roll

Influence of purity on aluminium foil roll quality

Most aluminium foil rolls are made from 99.0%-99.5% industrial pure aluminum. Generally, the higher the purity, the lower the tensile strength and the higher the elongation. Increasing the impurity content can increase the tensile strength and decrease the elongation. However, when the purity of aluminum is too low, the brittleness of the material increases and the calendering performance deteriorates, in …

color coated aluminium foil

Color coated aluminium foil

The color coated aluminium foil is an aluminum composite material with one or more layers of organic paint on its surface. The properties of the foil is so stable that the paint last years without fading. Aluminium has extremely low density and medium hardness in comparison to other packing materials, which makes it popular in the food packaging industry. In …

kitchen aluminium foil sheets

Simple Introduction to Kitchen Aluminium Foil Sheets

Kitchen aluminium foil ranks the first among aluminum foil products. Other relative products include cigarette foil, air conditioning foil, foil container foil, transformer foil etc. Kitchen aluminium foil is mainly used for food wrapping and packing for various purposes like barbecues, picnics, baking, cold preservation etc. Its raw material is 8011 aluminum, leading alloy for all kinds of aluminium foil …

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