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Brushed aluminium sheet VS mill finish aluminum sheet

May 18, 2021

Brushed aluminium sheets and mill finish sheets overlap in application fields like furniture, interior decoration and vehicles. But in those fields the former is usually more popular. What are the differences between the two, anyway?

Surface Quality

A mill finish aluminum plate gets an uneven surface easily from casual carrying or processing, while a brushed aluminum plate is much stronger in both surface flatness and smoothness. This is mainly because its production process is more exquisite, especially the surface treatment.

Brushed aluminium sheet VS mill finish aluminum sheet

Decorative Effect

Mill finish aluminium sheets are exceptionally gray, the natural color of aluminium, while the colors of brushed aluminium sheets are much richer, theoretically any color you need, just like ordinary color coated aluminium sheets. The colored brushed sheets are obtained by brushing colored aluminium coil actually. In other words, their raw material is coated aluminium, thus you can get any color you need. This makes brushed sheets much more conducive to our requirements for color, especially in the exterior decoration of buildings.

Service Life

The coating layer of a brushed aluminium plate acts as a protective layer from the outside world, making the plate more durable than mill finish plates. Therefore, its service life is longer.

Processing Property

Brushed sheets can be bent, and their processing property is much better than that of ordinary aluminum sheets. You can cut them into any wanted sizes to avoid waste. Their weather resistance is better, too. In particular, it can be used for a long time even in the face of saline-alkali acid rain, which is impossible for ordinary mill finish aluminum plates.


In spite of all the advantages above, brushed aluminium sheets are much more expensive. Therefore, you are advised to choose based on your actual needs, unless your budget is really sufficient. Mill finish sheets would be a better choice sometimes.

These are the differences between brushed and mill finish aluminum sheets. Hope it’s helpful.

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