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  • Brushed Aluminum Sheet Metal

    Aluminum Sheet , , ,

    [Thickness] 0.18mm-5.0mm

    [Size] width: 1000-1900mm length: customized sheet material or coil material production

    [Tensile strength] 115-125n / mm2

    [Yield strength] 150-165n / mm2

    [Elongation] 3-5%

    • Specifications
    • Advantages

    Brushed aluminum sheets are obtained by a manufacturing process of repeatedly scraping aluminum plate out of the line with sandpaper. The technological process of brushed aluminum sheet china is mainly divided into three parts: degreasing, sanding machine and washing. All kinds of clipsal brushed aluminium cover plates colors are: jk001 ancient copper, jk002 green, jk003 stainless steel, jk004 blue, jk005 red, jk006 silver, jk007 gold, jk008 copper, JK009 black, jk010 pink, jk011 yellow copper, jk012 bronze, jk026 iron tree silver, jk036 sub light and other colors.

    brushed aluminium sheet

    Alloy 1060 / 2A16 / 3003 / 4a01 / 5052 / 6061 / 7075
    Thickness 0.18mm-5.0mm
    Size width: 1000-1900mm length: customized sheet material or coil material production
    Tensile strength 115-125n / mm2
    Yield strength 150-165n / mm2
    Elongation 3-5%
    Starting quantity 500kg for aluminum natural color, 1000kg for other colors
    Color Silver, champagne, turquoise, bronze, rose, dark grey, black, etc
    Surface effect Straight line drawing, short line drawing, cross line drawing, sandblasting, mirror surface, customized pattern
    Application LED aluminum base plate, building materials curtain wall, auto parts, electronic products, home appliances, bags, water tank panel and other applications


    Brushed aluminium plate is widely used in the fields of wire drawing aluminum plastic plate, fire-proof plate, aluminum picture frame, fine cabinet, fine doors and windows, veneer, sign, lighting, indoor and outdoor decoration, household appliances, bags, gifts, furniture, electronic consumer goods, etc. By application there are brushed aluminium switch plates, brushed aluminium letter plate, brushed aluminum wall plates, brushed aluminum electrical cover plates, diamond plate brushed aluminum wall panel, fasade diamond plate brushed aluminum etc.

    brushed finish aluminum sheet application

    Performance advantages

    1. Compared with the traditional oxidation, the alkali resistance of our brushed aluminium plates is increased by 10 times;

    2. The uv resistance of our brushed aluminium plate reaches 5 grade;

    3. The 5 μ m thick film of Haomei brushed anodized aluminum plate lasted for 1000 hours in the salt spray test.

    Quality advantages

    1. The first pass rate of products is 99.99%;

    2. Adopt fully automatic equipment to eliminate human error and ensure the consistency of product quality;

    3. Organize the effective implementation and implementation of a documented quality management system complying with ISO9001:2000 standard.

    Processing advantages

    1. Oxidize first and then press directly, the oxide layer will not burst;

    2. Effectively avoid degumming of protective film;

    3. Customers can directly bond led substrate to reduce customer's drawing and cleaning links.

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