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1050 and 1060 aluminum coil

1050 and 1060 aluminum coil suppliers and manufacturers

Both 1050 and 1060 aluminium coils fall on 1000 grade aluminium, a popular series in either roll or sheet type. Wide application scope of the two alloys stimulate development of manufacturers and suppliers. Among top China 1050 and 1060 aluminum coil suppliers and manufacturers, Haomei boasts the following advantages. First, it has complete licenses, including aluminium coil quality certificates, composition …

1050 1070 aluminum coil

1050 1070 aluminum coil price from manufacturers

1050 and 1070 aluminum coil price ranges between $2200 and $3000 per metric ton in China market. The gap of the price range drives from changeable factors influencing manufacturing, export and delivery costs. Raw material quality and surface treatment methods prove to be the two biggest aspects affecting the manufacturing cost. Believe it or not, not a few small-scale aluminium …

1050 1070 3105 aluminum coil

1xxx and 3xxx aluminum coil manufacturer

Haomei is among leading manufacturers of 1xxx and 3xxx aluminium coils in China, supplying 1050, 3105 and 1070 aluminum coil for sale. 1050 is a pure industrial aluminium containing 99.5% aluminium metal and 0.5% other metals. With only 0.1% less aluminum than 1060, it’s usually replaced by 1060 in production of some small factories, for the two are extremely similar …

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