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1050 1070 aluminum coil price from manufacturers

June 4, 2020

1050 and 1070 aluminum coil price ranges between $2200 and $3000 per metric ton in China market. The gap of the price range drives from changeable factors influencing manufacturing, export and delivery costs.

1050 1070 aluminum coil

Raw material quality and surface treatment methods prove to be the two biggest aspects affecting the manufacturing cost. Believe it or not, not a few small-scale aluminium factories adopt waste aluminium in their production of aluminium sheet coil products. This helps them to avoid costs in both waste aluminum recycle process and aluminium ingot bulks, which further enables them to offer a much lower price than formal competitors. That’s why we warn clients again and again to beware of low price traps while they purchase aluminum coil rolls from China. Surface treatment methods provided by 1070 and 1050 aluminum coil manufacturers in China include mill finish, mirror finish, color coating, embossing, anodizing and brushing. Mill finish coils are the cheapest, color coated and embossed ones more expensive, and others the most expensive. Such a price estimation is based on costs of different processes. Of course, color coated aluminum coil rolls might cost more than anodized rolls if you need high-level paints and processes. Therefore, aluminium coil suppliers are not able to supply a specific price unless you clarify your needs.

Export costs entail tax rates and delivery cost. Tax rates of both import and export countries play an instrumental role in price of 1050 and 1070 aluminium coil. These depends on whether a country takes an encouraging or supressive attitude towards import or export of semi-processed aluminium products. Some countries, like China, support export of the products, and they tax very low on export of these products. As a result, China aluminium suppliers like Haomei are able to give favorable offers. While some countries limit their companies to import aluminum sheets and coils from China, and they charge a lot with the import tax. Purchasers from these countries have to pay much more than those from other countries. Delivery cost stays stable most of the time, and its price is subject to quantities of the coil rolls and distance of the delivery.

Haomei is a 12-year supplier and two-decade manufacturer. If you need to learn 1050 1070 aluminum coil price from China manufacturers, welcome to email april@aluminumhm.com for more information!

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