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Customized 1060 1070 pvc coated aluminum coil

June 5, 2020

The customized 1060 1070 pvc coated aluminum coil is a 1000 series of aluminium roll of 0.53mm to 1.0mm thick and 750mm wide. Length of the coil can be customized. PVC, the full name of which is Polyvinyl chloride, was traditionally used as a paint for plastics coating, and later applied to aluminium coating. It’s less frequently adopted in China but very popular in aluminum trim coil industry abroad. PVC coated aluminum coil is featured by excellent resistance to color fading, frost, air pollution, ultra violet ray, cracking and other severe natural conditions.

Customized 1060 1070 pvc coated aluminum coil

Customized 1060 aluminium coil with pvc coating contains 99.6% aluminium and 1070 99.7%, ranking top in softness among aluminium alloys. Mill finish 1060 and 1070 aluminum coils have good corrosion resistance and plasticity. After cleaning, chrome, roller coating, baking and other processing, the surface of an aluminum coil roll is attached with various colors of paint coating, that is, color coated aluminum coil. The color coated aluminium coil is widely used in many fields, such as aluminum plastic boards, honeycomb boards, heat preservation boards, aluminum curtain walls, shutters, aluminum magnesium manganese roofing systems, aluminum ceiling, household appliances, down pipes, aluminum tanks, etc.

Haomei customized 1060 1070 pvc coated aluminum coil boasts advantages of light texture, bright color, easy processing and molding, and excellent corrosion resistance. Aluminium weighs only one third of other regular industrial metals, proving to be the lightest of all building and decorative metal materials. It’s endowed with outstanding tensile strength as well as elongation rate, serving as a popular material for deep drawing and spinning products in various industries. With a natural resistance against corrosive materials, aluminium sheet coil products become stronger in resistance to wearing, weather, heat, coldness, sunshine as well as erosion, after being painted with pvc, pe or pvdf. In particular, pvdf coated aluminium coil products last as long as three decades in natural conditions. Haomei is among leading pcv coated 1060 and 1070 aluminum coil manufacturers in China, supplying coated rolls of thickness range between 0.1mm and 2.0mm. Welcome to contact us at april@aluminumhm.com for more information!

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