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Round customized 1060 3003 aluminum circle blanks

June 5, 2020

Haomei round customized 1060 and 3003 aluminum circle blanks are 0.6mm to 5.0mm thick, and 135mm to 960mm wide. Our customized 1060 aluminum circle can be of DC and CC, suitable for spinning and ordinary deep drawing processes in cookware and lighting industries. Unlike some factories adopting inferior aluminum material, all of our circle blanks are made of aluminium ingot of high purity and alloys of shares in strict accordance with the composition sheet. Clients are welcome to customize any thickness and diameter within ranges listed above, and special specifications can be customized, too.

Round customized 1060 3003 aluminum circle blanks

The customized 3003 aluminum circle is the most popular circle discs of all alloys, for it covers a wide range of application because of its excellent properties and favorable prices. Containing 1.0% to 1.5% manganese, 3003 circle displays a much stronger corrosion resistance than 1060. The adding of other metals makes it harder, too. What’s more, it still keeps pace with 1100 in forming ability and tensile rate. Hot rolling is usually adopted to improve mechanical properties of 3003 aluminium circle discs. 3003 lends itself to further processing processes wider than 1060, including not only deep drawing and spinning, but also anodizing, extruding, enamel and ceramics. This enlarges its application scope greatly. In addition to mill finish pots and lids, 3003 round aluminum blanks serve as a favorable material for pizza trays, cake molds and high pressure cookers after being anodized, and for high-end lamp covers after being color coated. In comparison to 5005 and 5052, two other ordinary alloys for aluminum circles, 3003 blanks are cheaper while enjoying similar properties and service life.

Haomei overshadows other suppliers of round aluminum blanks in the following aspects. First, it has a longer history in either manufacturing or exporting aluminum circles, which enables it to accumulate experience and client database and to serve clients better from various regions. Second, it’s willing to invest heavily on R&D and equipment. Our workshop boasts the most advanced automatic aluminum circle cutting machines in the industry, and follows strict quality control rules made by technicians. Third, we are responsible for our clients in after-sales service. We have built a sophisticated service team incorporating manufacturing, sales, marketing, documentary processing and logistics. Complaints, usually received by our sales unit, are treated with great caution and sincerity. If you want customized round aluminum circle blanks of 1060, 1070, 1100, 3003, 5052 and 6061, welcome to contact us!

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