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Why are 1xxx aluminium discs prices rising

June 4, 2020

Recently 1xxx aluminium discs prices in China have rebounded sharply. Market conditions reveals a stable state of the upstream product price. Experts expect an even sharper rise in the coming months. What are the reasons, then?

The first is tighter environmental policy. Business regions clustering around Beijing released relative policies long ago, indicating a contractionary wave in policies around the country. Relying heavily on melting and casting machines, 1050 1070 1100 1060 aluminum circle manufacturers sense the tendency immediately. Stricter control of air pollution will lead to reduction in productivity of all semi-processed aluminium products, including aluminium discs. And since the government is unlikely to loose the policy in a short period of time, aluminium discs prices will remain relatively high.

1xxx aluminium discs

The second is bottle neck in production process. High requirements about aluminium circle discs production keep lots of companies outside. The production entails accurate master of raw material quality, aluminum alloy composition control, casting and rolling processes as well as heavy investment in highly advanced equipment. This leaves the largest share of orders on the shoulders of mature 1060 1070 1100 1050 aluminum circle manufacturers, since it takes time for newly born ones to grow in capacity.

Third, rocket in demand. After the first wave of Covid-19, domestic downstream industries resume production on a large scale, leading to increase in demand of 1xxx aluminium discs circles used extensively in cookware, lighting and electronic products. Meanwhile overseas needs get stronger, too. Extensive lockdown around the world keeps most population on the globe at home, and consumption of domestic appliances soars, which forces kitchenware manufacturers to purchase more aluminium disc sheets to increase productivity.

In spite of reasons above, Haomei strives to offer reasonable aluminium discs prices. In particular, its 1100h12 aluminum circle wins increasing popularity. Welcome to email april@aluminumhm.com for more information!

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