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Classification of aluminium discs circles by application

Aluminium discs circles are among the most popular aluminum products. The circles used to be divided by alloys such as 1050, 1060, 1070, 1100, 3003 and 5052 etc. With increasingly widened application scope, aluminium discs circles are now classified by usages, too. Here we discuss three of its main usages: cookware, container and lamp cover. Aluminium circles are used for …

This is a picture of blank aluminium discs and strainers.

Blank aluminium discs for strainers

Blank aluminium discs have become an important raw material for strainers. Few people are not familiar with strainers that can be spotted in almost every kitchen, for they boast an irreplaceable function which enables you to separate foods from liquids neatly. Strainers are required a lot as a kitchen utensil. They must be light, strong and healthy so that people …

This shows 3003 aluminum discs for sale and an aluminum pot.

3003 aluminum discs for sale

3003 aluminum discs for sale are made of 3003 aluminium containing the alloying metal of manganese. Manganese is known for good corrosion resistance. It has a larger density than aluminum, but this does not influence the weight of a piece of aluminium circle too much because it contains only less than 5% of manganese. In spite of slightness of its …

aluminium discs

How to Keep Raw Material of Aluminium Discs

With more and more detailed classification of aluminum alloy products, manufacturing and sales of aluminium discs has become a separate section in the industry. No matter which alloy a type of aluminium discs are made of, they boast two basic advantages of aluminum: small density and long service life. Besides, if kept properly, they display luxurious gloss of silver, which …

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