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3003 aluminum discs for sale

May 20, 2019

3003 aluminum discs for sale are made of 3003 aluminium containing the alloying metal of manganese. Manganese is known for good corrosion resistance. It has a larger density than aluminum, but this does not influence the weight of a piece of aluminium circle too much because it contains only less than 5% of manganese. In spite of slightness of its content, manganese makes the 3003 aluminium circle much more corrosion resistant than 1xxx circles that contain almost no other metals.

This shows 3003 aluminum discs for sale and an aluminum pot.

Aluminium discs circles boast light weight. The density of aluminium is only one third of that of steel and copper, which makes its products very cost effective, for manufacturers of metal products purchase raw materials in terms of weight. If one kilogram of iron can be made into 10 strainers, then aluminium of the same weight can be made into 30 strainers. This attributes a lot to popularity of aluminium circles in the cookware industry. Nevertheless, a popular worry has been keeping some people off cookware made of 3003 aluminium discs circles. Doctors believe that excessive taking in of aluminium will lead to serious health risks like brain and blood diseases.

The fact is, you are able to keep yourself safe as long as you use aluminium cookware reasonably. In general, aluminum products do not substantially dissolve aluminum if they are simply water-filled. However, acidic foods stimulate dissolution of aluminum. Thus you should not use aluminium utensils to cook acidic foods. Further more, 3003 aluminum discs for sale have smaller aluminium dissolution than pure industrial aluminum circles, for they are alloying circles. Therefore, you should choose cookware made of “aluminium alloy” rather than “aluminum”.

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