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Bendable aluminum strips

May 20, 2019

Bendable aluminum strips are a special type of aluminum strips used for led lamps. Theoretically all aluminum strips are bendable, because they usually exist in types of rolls. Bendable aluminum strips are also known as aluminum led strips. They are soft and conductive, painted with various designs if needed. It’s so easy to drill or cut them that they can be made into any desired shapes with small bulbs or illuminating objects fixed along them.

This shows bendable aluminum strips and led lamps.

Bendable aluminum strips are soft and flexible. Aluminium has such a good elongation that the strips can be bent at will to adapt to varied installation conditions. You can cut them conveniently with a simple pair of scissors or connect two separate parts by wires or welding. The little bulbs and their wire are perfected covered and protected against water and corrosive objects. The strips are water proof and weather resistant, lasting for a long time even when being exposed to severe natural conditions. In spite of their medium hardness as a metal, bendable aluminum strips show an extraordinary resistance against tearing force, which is crucial because bendable led lamps are usually of strangely bending shapes. It’s convenient to make the strips into shapes of letters and more complicated designs that serve as carriers for lamps in bridges, gardens, floor stairs, cupboards, buses, lakes, advertising panels and so on.

As an experienced aluminium manufacturer, Haomei supplies bendable aluminum strips of varied specifications. Welcome to send inquiries any time!

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