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Polish aluminum mesh sheet

May 16, 2019

A polish aluminum mesh sheet is not a polished aluminum sheet like some people might assume. It’s a mesh sheet made of aluminium and its surfaces have been polished. Shiny and light, it’s used as a fencing and flooring material most of the time.

This is a picture of polish aluminum mesh plate.

Aluminium is a metal of medium hardness, and many alloys can be made into the polish aluminum mesh sheet that is obtained by drilling holes out of a flat piece of aluminum sheet. 1xxx is the softest yet the most vulnerable one, for it contains the slightest share of alloying metals, displaying the poorest corrosion resistance. 3xxx and 5xxx have much better performances in both hardness and corrosion resistance. They contain magnesium and manganese respectively, both of which are endowed with a natural corrosion resistance. It’s worth mentioning that aluminium sheets have a corrosion resistant ability naturally, and an anodized polished aluminum sheet last even longer in natural weather conditions.

Polish aluminum mesh sheets are used for rectangular electronic cigarette mesh, electronic cigarette filter mesh, high temperature furnace filter, construction, mechanical protection, platform pedals, road protection, railway protection, community fences, car partitions, building scaffolding, handicraft manufacturing, foundation pit slope protection, exterior curtain wall, indoor ceiling, ship platform pedal, tower crane pedal, carfactory production workshop work platform pedals, oil fields, chemical plants, power plants and other heavy industry, filter nets, screens, anti-theft fences and so on.

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