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Blank aluminium discs for strainers

May 21, 2019

Blank aluminium discs have become an important raw material for strainers. Few people are not familiar with strainers that can be spotted in almost every kitchen, for they boast an irreplaceable function which enables you to separate foods from liquids neatly. Strainers are required a lot as a kitchen utensil. They must be light, strong and healthy so that people can use them easily, lastingly and safely. Why do blank aluminium discs win popularity as a raw material, then?

This is a picture of blank aluminium discs and strainers.

Like other aluminium products, blank aluminium discs are light in weight, strong in hardness, healthy in usage and convenient in processing. Among the top three regular metals used in the industry, aluminium weighs only around one third of copper and iron, which means an aluminium strainer weighs one third of a steel one of the same size. This makes people use it more effortlessly. As for hardness, aluminium is medium. Pure blank aluminium discs like aluminium circle 1050 can only be made into weak strainers carrying light foods. However, aluminium is so adaptable to alloying that it can be combined with various metals to improve hardness and corrosion resistance. As a result, strainers made of alloyed blank aluminium discs can be as strong as steel ones. Controversial opinions have been existing in the health issue of aluminium products in the kitchen, for it’s believed that frequent usage of aluminium cookware would lead to excessive dosing of aluminium, which does harm to human body. But strainers should be exempt from this, since they are only used to scoop foods (sometimes at high yet safe temperature). Last, it’s convenient to drill holes out of blank aluminium discs, making the processing easier.

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