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3xxx big round disc aluminum

3xxx big round disc aluminum for reflective sign boards

3xxx big round disc aluminum plates are classed as aluminum manganese alloys. Slightly stronger than 1000 series of aluminium discs and boasting excellent deep drawing performance, they are widely applied in production of various beverage cans, cookware and lighting parts and reflective sign boards. The circle plates are usually of O and cold hardening states. Reflective sign boards mainly refer …

This shows 3003 aluminum discs for sale and an aluminum pot.

3003 aluminum discs for sale

3003 aluminum discs for sale are made of 3003 aluminium containing the alloying metal of manganese. Manganese is known for good corrosion resistance. It has a larger density than aluminum, but this does not influence the weight of a piece of aluminium circle too much because it contains only less than 5% of manganese. In spite of slightness of its …

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