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How to Keep Raw Material of Aluminium Discs

May 4, 2018

With more and more detailed classification of aluminum alloy products, manufacturing and sales of aluminium discs has become a separate section in the industry. No matter which alloy a type of aluminium discs are made of, they boast two basic advantages of aluminum: small density and long service life. Besides, if kept properly, they display luxurious gloss of silver, which indicates good taste of their users. The discs can also be painted with various designs after going through special anodizing processes. In spite of all the strengths above, aluminium discs have their own shortages: high requirement of raw material keeping.

aluminium discs

Painted aluminium discs are well-known for their excellent corrosion resistance, which gives people a deceptive impression that aluminum alloy of all shapes, sizes and states show extraordinary anti-rust property. However, it is not the case. Raw material of aluminium discs have to be kept in dry ventilated space, because it have reactions with water easily, which destroys the natural layer of protective film on the surface. Therefore, it’s essential to keep the raw material off moist places like basement. In addition, the sealing effect of packaging proves to be as important as dryness of storage environment. Normally manufacturers of the raw material keep it in water-proof package before sending it out of the factory. It’s not recommended to open or damage the package until raw material inside is to be put into use. Remaining pieces of raw material should also be packed in the same way. Besides, raw material of aluminium discs must be kept away from sharp material to avoid accidental scratches.

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