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From Aluminum Coil to Pop Cans

May 7, 2018

Beverage can production consumes large amounts of aluminum coil every day. It takes more steps to make a simple pop can than you think. Generally speaking, the manufacturing process includes coil flattening, cup punching, stretching, edge finishing, can cleaning, base adding, colored printing, baking, interior coating, necking and flanging etc.

aluminum coil

A can consists of two aluminum pieces which have been cut separately from aluminum coils. Thin aluminum coil, normally between 0.27mm and 0.33mm thick and from 1.6m to 2.2m wide, is punched into round cups. Then a stretcher pulls the cups into cans. The cans are first cleaned and later dried. After that, the exterior surface of the cans are printed with given designs. A design usually contain more than one colors. Sometimes it entails several printing steps. After being printed the exterior side must be baked until it gets dry. The interior wall of the cans should also be coated with a protective layer which prevents beverage from contacting with the element of aluminum. After the interior surface is dried, a can will be necked and flanged. Up to now the can body is generally finished. Before being sent out of the factory, it has to go through an air leak check with lighting. Can covers, which will be pressed onto the bodies after the cans have been filled, are also made from aluminum coil in the similar way. The process also includes punching, cleaning, painting, baking as well as checking.

To produce top quality pop cans you must first have excellent aluminum coils. Haomei Aluminum has manufacturing history of over thirty years and has established business relationship with clients all over the world. We have professional sales team and strict quality control systems. Welcome to contact us at april@aluminumhm.com or wechat/whatsapp 0086 158 3802 9491 for more information!

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