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Can Aluminium Slug for Tubes be Used for Cosmetic Containing

May 3, 2018

Speaking of application of aluminium slug for tubes, not a few suppliers would list cosmetic containing. However, many people have doubts about this. A guy called zhishen asked on Zhihu “Are cosmetics in aluminum tubes better?” This question attracted answers with different points of view. Some suggested that glass or plastic tubes would be better than aluminium ones. Others consisted that they had just bought cosmetics contained in aluminum tubes which had no problem at all.

aluminium slug for tubes

People hesitate before choosing aluminium slug for tubes because they hear that aluminum is not resistant to corrosion and that most types of cosmetics are corrosive. As a matter of fact, however, you can see quite a few aluminium containers in cosmetic stores. Essential oil, for example, can be kept in tubes made of aluminium slugs. They are not popular with common people because they cost more in raw material, transportation and cosmetic filling. If we take all relative costs mentioned into account, aluminium tubes are almost 3 times more expensive than glass or plastic ones. Therefore, cosmetics in such tubes are more expensive in a way. On the other hand, however, aluminium slug for tubes help to keep cosmetics in a more natural and healthier way. The tubes have better sealing effect. Some are vacuum inside to protect liquid from oxygen and bacteria.

Besides, aluminium slug for tubes overshadows glass and plastics in several aspects as raw material for cosmetic tubes. Glass tubes of uneven walls tend to crack or break at low temperature or high pressure. Common plastic tubes have dissatisfying performance in chemical resistance. Both materials must be transported in special ways to keep themselves safe. Aluminium tubes have no such disadvantages. Aluminum slugs are of high tensile strength and good corrosion resistance. Haomei aluminum supply aluminium slug for tubes of various specifications. We have stable cooperation with many tube manufacturers around the world. Welcome to contact us at april@aluminumhm.com for more information!

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