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Cost price aluminum coil 2024

May 11, 2020

Cost price aluminum coil 2024 is higher than most other aluminum alloy coils, including 6061 and 5052, the reasons for this and 2024 price are as below.

First, the production cost of 2024 coil is higher than other series of alu rolls. The production of aluminium ingot for 2024 proves to be more complicated and difficult, for al 2024 is an aluminum copper alloy, and the production failure rate is high. This alone rises the cost of aluminum coil 2024.

Cost price aluminum coil 2024

Second, technology factors attributes a lot to the price variation of aluminium alloy coil sheet products, too. LY12, or 2024-t351, has such a high degree of hardness that it can not be processed by ordinary hot rolling machines. Only few powerful aluminium manufacturers are capable enough to supply it. In addition to state-owned fabricators, several private companies, including Haomei, supplies 2024 alloy regularly, too. On the one hand, this helps to keep the quality of 2024 aluminium coil sheet under reasonable control. On the other hand, small supply leads to rise in price.

Third, strong demand is confronted with relatively small supply ability. 2024 aluminium sheet plate is applied in aerospace, automobile and framework products, the market demand of which is huge indeed. However, lots of aluminium manufacturers are not able to supply it owing to restriction in technology and equipment. This makes the seller gain the upper hand in the final say about price. As a result, cost price aluminum coil 2024 is at least hundreds of dollars more expensive than regular alloys like 5052.

In spite of negative factors above, the price of 2024 alloy is expected to lower with technological development in the aluminum industry and possible competition from its substitute materials from other industries. Haomei supplies superior 2024 aluminium roll and sheet plates to clients from all over the world. Welcome to send inquiries!

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