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alcoa aluminum coil stock colors

July 9, 2020

Alcoa aluminum coil stock colors refer to color board from the Aluminium Company of American, the origin of aluminum stock colors for manufacturers around the world. Traditional colors were rare and monotonous, but they become richer with development in both paint types and coating process of aluminium industry. Nowadays colors of aluminum rolls cover black, blue, green, purple, red, green, gray, white and other primary colors. According to the surface brightness of paints, they can be divided into high gloss, flat and sub gloss colors.

alcoa aluminum coil stock colors

Haomei supplies products in strict accordance with alcoa aluminum coil stock colors. In addition to mill finish coil stocks, we offer pattern color aluminum rolls, film coated color aluminum rolls, stucco embossed aluminium coil stocks etc., with regular paints of polyester, fluorocarbon and pvc. Our colored aluminum coil stocks are widely used in aluminum plastic panel, aluminum veneer, aluminum honeycomb panel, aluminum ceiling, roof surface, leftover materials, cans, electronic products.

We guarantee the quality of alcoa aluminum coil stock colors by fourth advantages. First of all, we adopt high quality raw materials and advanced production technology. A series of rigorous process avoids possible bending, deformation or expansion of alu stocks in application. Secondly, superior paints from the world’s top paint companies endow our colored aluminium coil stocks with realistic physical texture and long lasting beauty. Strengthened by special coating treatment, performances of the rolls are very stable, and the surface layer after special treatment can reach 30 years quality assurance. Third, the color layer has strong weather resistance, salt alkali resistance, acid rain corrosion resistance and flame resistance. Fourth, the length and weight per roll can be customized. Our black, white and brown aluminum coil stock products are winning praise from overseas clients. Welcome to contact april@aluminumhm.com for a price!

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