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Brown aluminum coil stock

February 26, 2020

A brown aluminum coil stock is a mill finish aluminum coil with surface coating coloring treatment, widely used in factories, warehouses, office buildings, villas, roof additions, air purification rooms, cold storage, shops, sales Kiosks and temporary houses, etc. In addition, the application of color coated rolls in the home appliance industry is mainly refrigerator side panels and door panels. Aluminum coil material can meet 1xxx series. 3xxx department. 5xxx series. 8xxx series, etc., Tempers include O state, H22, H24, H14, H26 and H18. The thickness is from 0.2mm to 4.0mm, width from 600mm to 1500mm, and length from 800mm to 6000mm. For hot rolled series, thickness ranges from 0.15mm to 200mm, and width from 200mm to 1500mm. The most commonly used is fluorocarbon color-coated aluminum, also a kind of aluminum roof coil stock.

brown aluminum coil stock

Our brown aluminum coil stock is flat in surface, resistant to weather, decorative, stable in mechanical properties and friendly in environmental protection. There is no compound high temperature indentation or residual stress on the board surface, and the coil will not deform after shearing. The baking paint pattern made by coating and baking at high temperatures has high gloss retention, good color stability, and minimal change in color difference. Polyester paint is guaranteed for 10 years, and fluorocarbon paint is guaranteed for more than 20 years. Painted grain has a realistic sense of material and a fresh natural beauty. Patterns are made casually, giving customers a wide range of personality choices, which can enrich the humanistic connotation of products and give people more beautiful enjoyment. The raw materials are high-quality 5005, 5052, 5083 and 3003 aluminum coil materials, plastics and adhesives, and advanced composite technology is adopted. The stock has the bending strength required for decorative boards. Wind pressure, temperature, humidity and other factors will not cause bending, deformation, swelling, etc. The brown coil stock is resistant to salt and alkali acid rain corrosion, and it will not produce toxic bacteria, release any toxic gas or cause corrosion in fixed parts.

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