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Solar reflective aluminum material mirror sheets

February 26, 2020

Our solar reflective material sheets are a kind of reflective aluminium, mainly used in outdoor applications such as solar thermal photovoltaics and solar thermal cookers. Reflective mirror sheets are made of the purest, high-quality aluminum coil, have high load capacity and are ideal for manufacturing high-quality products. The reflective aluminum sheet metal can be printed, cut, straightened, rolled, formed, bent, embossed, welded, stamped, and punched. This roll of aluminum in different surface finishes and brightness can be used for lighting, particularly highly reflective aluminum rolls, reflectivity, hammered aluminum, light guides, matte and mirror hammered and other special effects. The material can be used for each customer application as a standard range or customized individual specifications. The maximum plate length is 6000 mm-200 mm, the minimum width is 100 mm, and the thickness is 0.2mm-1.5MM.

Solar reflective aluminum material mirror sheets

Structure of our solar reflective aluminum material mirror sheets:
1) The front of the sheets is composed of solar coating, PVD coating, anodized layer and aluminum plate, and the back is composed of anodized layer
2) 95% reflectivity indoor grade sheets are without Solar lacquer coating protection layer-Miro4 (4400GP)
3) 86% indoor grade sheets have neither Solar lacquer coating protection layer nor PVD plating layer-320G

The key to judging the quality of reflective aluminium sheets is not simply to check the thickness of a plate, but to estimate its raw material. Compared with ordinary aluminum materials, solar reflective material aluminum sheets has a relatively special advantage in that it has the ductility that ordinary aluminum materials cannot reach, so it is very suitable for interior decoration or asa selection material for electronic products. Forming mirror aluminum from aluminum plate processing requires a certain process and processing method. The aluminum plate surface needs to be spray-treated first and then dried, and only finished plates with uniformly-sprayed surface can be selected as the material for making solar reflective materials.

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