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Gold reflective aluminum sheet metal 98%

February 21, 2020

The gold reflective aluminum sheet metal 98% is also called super reflective sheet. Generally there are three surface levels for reflective aluminium sheets: regular, high and super surfaces. These are divided based on reflectivity, and the reflectivity of the three levels are respectively 85%, 95% and 98%. Needless to say, 98% stands for the best.

reflective aluminum sheet metal

A reflective aluminum sheet 98% combines advantages of glass mirrors and metals. The reflectivity of a common glass mirror ranges between 85% and 90%, far lower than 98%. The superior glass mirrors, with silver coating, reflects only 95% of light reaching its surface. A research center in California University has developed a type of nano glass mirrors whose reflectivity reaches 99.9%, and they are applied for special usages like solar power and experiments. Based on the information above, we conclude that 98% is a very high reflecting figure for even glass mirrors, thus the aluminium sheet coil gold mirror 98% can fully compete with glass mirrors in reflectivity. What glass mirrors can not compete with it, however, lies its excellent mechanical properties. First, it’s light, almost as light as glass. Second, it’s hard. You need never to worry about picking up scattered pieces after dropping it onto the floor, for it does not break easily. Third, it has good tensile strength and processability. You can just cut, bend, drill it as you need in the further processes, while glass mirrors are not so adaptable to various processing methods.

Boasting so many advantages, the gold reflective aluminum sheet metal 98% covers a wide scope of application in construction, interior decoration, solar power, electronic products and so on. If you need it, please contact us!

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