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95% 98% highly reflective aluminum sheet for solar panels

September 26, 2019

One of the most key usages of a 95% 98% highly reflective aluminum sheet falls on solar panels, for which two main process methods are usually adopted.

The first is vacuum coating technology. It has no pollution problem in the production process, and the coating has excellent optical performance, but the continuous production line has a large investment, the coating production cost is high, and some vacuum coatings have weather resistance. The wet coating technology is produced by electrochemical method, the process design or production control is improper, and it is easy to cause a certain degree of pollution, but the investment in the continuous coating production line is small. In a word, this process for aluminum light reflector sheet products wins in low cost.

reflect aluminum mirror sheet

The second method, the multi-chamber intermediate frequency magnetron sputtering method is continuously produced, and the production equipment has just been transformed from a horizontal mode to a vertical folding method, which reduces the space occupation, and also reduces the pollution of impurity particles during the sputtering process. For the most advanced blue film, the coating has excellent optical properties and also has excellent heat and humidity resistance, which makes it a cost-effective solar selective coating. This method is a better choice for reflective aluminum sheet suppliers who pursues high quality products.

While being used in the field of solar energy, aluminium mirror sheets are required of high performances in corrosion resistance and weather resistance. Therefore, 95% 98% highly reflective aluminum sheets are usually used rather than common sheets. Our mirror aluminum plate is imported from Germany and is mainly used in outdoor use such as solar collector photoelectric and solar collector. It has a total reflection of 95%. Indoor grade materials can only reflect visible light from 380nm to 780nm, but our mirror sheets from 300nm to 2500nm. Last but not least, it has an excellent concentrating performance.

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