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95% reflective aluminum sheet

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reflective aluminum mirror sheet

Reflectivity of reflective aluminum sheets

Reflectivity of a reflective aluminum sheet larges reflects the quality of the sheet and processing level of its manufacturer. The higher the reflectivity of a sheet is, the better is the quality. Common aluminum mirror sheets have a reflectivity of around 90%, and some reach 95% or even 98%. An American research center has developed a new type of nano mirror …

reflect aluminum mirror sheet

95% 98% highly reflective aluminum sheet for solar panels

One of the most key usages of a 95% 98% highly reflective aluminum sheet falls on solar panels, for which two main process methods are usually adopted. The first is vacuum coating technology. It has no pollution problem in the production process, and the coating has excellent optical performance, but the continuous production line has a large investment, the coating …

The reflectivity of a 95% high reflective aluminum sheet is great.

Classification of Aluminum Mirror Sheet

The expression of aluminum mirror sheet is just a general name for aluminum sheets of a reflective surface. If divided further, there are many classification methods. By reflectivity there are standard aluminum mirror sheet, high reflective aluminum sheet and super high reflective aluminum sheet. By surface treatment methods there are polished aluminum plate, mirror finish anodized aluminum sheet and embossed …

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