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Reflective Mirror Sheets

The reflective mirror sheets are decoration material made by grinding aluminum and stainless steel through a special process. The common seen mirror sheets mainly include stainless steel mirror sheets, aluminum mirror sheets, mirror sheets synthesized from fire-resistant materials and aluminum film mirror sheets. The material of the mirror sheet is loved by people because of its special mirror effect. What are …

Solar reflective aluminum material mirror sheets

Solar reflective aluminum material mirror sheets

Our solar reflective material sheets are a kind of reflective aluminium, mainly used in outdoor applications such as solar thermal photovoltaics and solar thermal cookers. Reflective mirror sheets are made of the purest, high-quality aluminum coil, have high load capacity and are ideal for manufacturing high-quality products. The reflective aluminum sheet metal can be printed, cut, straightened, rolled, formed, bent, …

mirror finish anodized aluminum sheet

Quality Categories of Light Reflective Aluminium Mirror Sheet

The light reflective aluminum mirror sheet is a newly-developed high-tech metal material applied extensively in light industrial areas. It falls on five categories based on quality levels, each of which is easily spotted in our daily life: filmed mirror aluminium sheet, China polished sheet, imported polished sheet, imported mirror finish anodized aluminum sheet and super mirror sheet. These five types are …

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