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Reflective Mirror Sheets

April 29, 2022

The reflective mirror sheets are decoration material made by grinding aluminum and stainless steel through a special process. The common seen mirror sheets mainly include stainless steel mirror sheets, aluminum mirror sheets, mirror sheets synthesized from fire-resistant materials and aluminum film mirror sheets. The material of the mirror sheet is loved by people because of its special mirror effect. What are its uses? Below, I will introduce the specific uses of the mirror sheets to you by classification.


The use of aluminum reflective mirror sheets

This type of mirror sheet is basically used in the frame-type building structure, and the stability and hardness of the aluminum material itself should be relatively high. For example, the elevator we often see is made of this aluminum mirror sheet. This type of mirror sheets is not only strong and durable, but also the effect of the mirror surface is maintained for a long time, and generally there is no natural wear and tear. The use of reflective aluminum mirror sheets can not only ensure the firmness of the elevator but also its aesthetic effect.

reflective mirror sheets

reflective mirror sheets

The use of stainless steel mirror sheet

This mirror sheet is widely used, it is mainly used to decorate the veneer of the venue or furniture. Mirror sheets made of this material are also called unbreakable mirrors, and sometimes we see their shadows at the wedding scene. The characteristics of the mirror sheet of this material are that it is easy to install, the price is relatively low, and the color and pattern of this material change more. It is beautiful and economical to use it as a decoration, but its wear resistance is relatively low, and it is not suitable for long-term use of building decoration.


The use of fireproof material reflective mirror sheets

The characteristics of this mirror sheets are that it is beautiful and fireproof, so it is used more in spaces that are prone to fire. For example, in places where open flames often appear in the house, or in spaces where smokers gather. The installation of this fireproof mirror material can effectively reduce the probability of fire.

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