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Quality Categories of Light Reflective Aluminium Mirror Sheet

March 28, 2019

The light reflective aluminum mirror sheet is a newly-developed high-tech metal material applied extensively in light industrial areas. It falls on five categories based on quality levels, each of which is easily spotted in our daily life: filmed mirror aluminium sheet, China polished sheet, imported polished sheet, imported mirror finish anodized aluminum sheet and super mirror sheet. These five types are made of the same materials but by different processes, thus displaying varied appearances and quality degrees. Generally speaking, the order of their quality degrees is just as listed above, with super reflective mirror sheets taking the lead.

mirror finish anodized aluminum sheet

All five categories can be obtained conveniently in the market, but they differ greatly in application scope and application frequency. Filmed and China polished aluminum mirror sheet pieces for sale are usually purchased by contractors of low or medium class interior decoration projects, though they help to achieve great decorative effects. Imported polished, anodized reflective mirror sheets and super mirror sheets for sale, on the other hand, are used in decoration projects requesting high technology and high profile, or in high-end electronic products and relative research projects.

Although we seldom buy aluminium mirror sheets directly, most of its end products are ubiquitous in our life, such as washing machines, fridges, televisions, lamps and even clothes (labels for shoes and bags, for example). Common people learn little about light reflective aluminium sheet pieces and even know nothing about their existence, yet they are so easily fascinated by fashionable appearances of those shiny end products that they usually take reflective mirror sheets without being aware of it.

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