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Introduction to PVDF Paint for Color Coated Aluminium

March 29, 2019

Most of color coated aluminium observed by us are end products. A colored aluminum sheet metal was not of various colors at the very beginning, and it was simply a dull silver sheet. Only after being coated with paints will it become bright and attractive. There are as many as five paint types for color coated aluminium, the best of which is fluorocarbon, better known as PVDF. Applied long ago in developed countries, liquid PVDF is coated onto aluminum sheets by a high end electrostatic spraying coating. Although the pvdf color coated aluminium coil was not used in curtain walls in China until years ago, it has been winning increasing popularity in the construction industry.

pvdf color coated aluminium coil

Fluorocarbon spray coating is a coating made of baked polyvinylidene fluoride resin, sometimes combined with aluminum powder as a coloring material. It has excellent anti-fading and anti-blooming properties, resistant to atmospheric pollution (acid rain), UV, cracking and withstanding harsh weather conditions. These excellent properties overshadow all other general paints for color coated aluminum schluter. The chemical structure of PVDF is formed by a fluorine/carbon bond. With short bond properties, this structure combines with hydrogen ions to form a stable and strong bond, which distinguishes fluorocarbon paint from general coatings. In addition to the abrasion resistance in terms of mechanical properties, strong impact resistance and excellent performance, pvdf colored aluminum sheet metal products show long-term anti-fade and anti-ultraviolet properties especially in harsh weathers and environments.

As a high-grade surface coating process, pvdf coating is related to strict quality control standards. It is necessary for manufacturers to obtain the quality license to manufacture the Kynar 500-based fluorocarbon coating, and color coated aluminium coil manufactures must follow serious quality control in the pre-treatment process, the spraying process and the curing process to ensure the quality of the aluminum coating. At present American manufacturing industry association standard AAMA-605.02.90 is regarded as the main international standard for inspection coating quality.

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