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Introduction to o aluminium strip 1060

April 1, 2019

Aluminium strips cover such a wide scope of application that they are further divided into various types based on usages, alloys and thickness. The product of o aluminium strip 1060 is named by temper and alloy, 1060 aluminum strip for transformer winding by usage and alloy, and flat aluminium strip 0.5mm and 1mm aluminium strip by thickness only. Different from flat aluminium strip 0.5mm and 1mm aluminium strip, o aluminium strip 1060 is only between 0.016 and 0.2mm thick, used for transformers, food packing, pads, electronic product labels, automobile parts etc.

o aluminium strip 1060

The o aluminium strip 1060 displays high formability, strong corrosion resistance and excellent heat&electricity conductivity. Its width ranges from 20mm to 1600mm and it’s usually of roll type. Transformer winding is its main usage. While being used for wet transformers, 1060 o aluminium strip must be made of superior pure aluminium. The surface must be smooth and flat, meeting multiple technical standards. Aluminium transformer winding boasts small volume, light weight, good insulating property, good fire-proof property, zero pollution, stable operation, low noise and small maintenance cost.

Our 0.1mm aluminium strip of 1060 O wins great popularity as a raw material for automobile parts, reaching top 10 in both home and export sales. At the A level, its surface is free from black spots, scratches, bright lines or rolling marks which are found with inferior aluminium strips. It’s of food level and withstands high temperatures for sterilizing process. In delivery the o aluminium strip 1060 should be kept from water and moisture so that it will not get oxidized.

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