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Classification of Aluminium Circle by Manufacturers in China

April 2, 2019

Aluminium circle manufacturers in China mainly classify aluminum circle discs by alloy, application and further processing methods. By alloys there are aluminium circle 1050, 1060, 1100, 1200, 3003 and 5052. 1050 and 3003 aluminium circle prove to be among the most frequently searched ones online. 3003 has harder strength and stronger corrosion resistance than 1050. Tempers for aluminium circles include O, H12, H14 and H18. By application there are aluminium circle sheets for cookware, aluminum circle for lamp parts, aluminum discs for traffic signs and aluminum circle for food packing containers etc. They are mostly used in pots, cookers, Pizza baking plates, pans, aluminum buckets, cans and can lids etc. These products can be obtained by quite simple processing methods which further divide aluminum circle discs into deep drawing discs and spinning discs. Both processes require aluminum discs of high tensile strength and elongation.

aluminium circle manufacturers in china

Among top aluminium circle manufacturers in China, we supply aluminum circle discs by cold rolling and hot rolling processes. Our automatic aluminum circle cutting machine is equipped with over a hundred molds that help to produce circles of varied thicknesses and diameters. The largest diameter available is 1300mm. Products made of aluminium circles boast light weight, excellent hardness and strong corrosion resistance. Iron cookware gets rusty quickly once contacting moisture and water, while aluminium kitchenware never does. Many aluminium pots and strainers remain shiny and bright after a period of using, although some become dull as a result of oxidizing, and they are more cost effective.

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