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How to Improve Hardness of Embossed Aluminum Sheet

April 3, 2019

In the usage of embossed aluminum sheet we might be confronted with the problem of low hardness of the plate, which means something went wrong in the manufacturing process. Usually the embossed sheet, whether it’s anti-skid embossed diamond plate or decorative orange peel embossed aluminum sheet, is improved in hardness by aging. Embossed aluminium sheet is a product obtained by extrusion, and there are natural aging and artificial aging. Artificial aging is the most frequently adopted one in production of aluminum cheaquered plate.

orange peel embossed aluminum sheet

Heat preservation of orange peel embossed aluminum sheet in aging should be carried out in strict accordance to the process requirement. The heat preservation time should be suitable. Either shorter or longer time than necessary would lead to reduction in hardness of embossed aluminum sheets. Usually there is an error between temperature shown by the meter and that of the furnace, and the temperature to be set should be equivalent to the latter.

Before being fed into the furnace, orange peel embossed aluminum sheets of regular alloys and those of special alloys must be separated, because their aging time periods would be different. In case of practical needs of putting different alloys into the same furnace, special aging processes must be adopted to guarantee the aging effect. There are must be gaps between orange peel embossed aluminum sheets for packaging. Gaps between thick sheets should be relatively larger so that the air keeps changing.

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