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  • Embossed Aluminum Sheet/Plate

    Aluminum Sheet, Aluminum Tread Plate

    Alloy: A1050,A1060,A1100,A3003,A3004,A3005,A3105,A5052,A5082, A5083,A8011

    Temper: HO,H12,H14,H16,H18,H24,H32,T112

    Thickness: 0.21-3mm

    Design patterns: triple rice grain pattern, stucco, orange peel, five bar, two bar, one bar, diamond, wood grain, stone grain, ripple

    Painting: available


    • Specifications

    Embossed aluminum sheet is a thin aluminum sheet with a wide variety of uses and applications. The embossing process reduces the light reflectivity of the metal. The embossed prepainting aluminium coil are made from mill finished aluminium base plates after degreasing, cleansing and passivated layer processing. The products are finally molded through other secondary operations including cutting, pressing, punching and bending, which can be applied in overall roofs and building coil for wall decoration with a long span and a large area. Our stucco embossed aluminum sheets provide a satisfying surface that is easy to clean with low maintenance wainscoting. Either side is usable, and the pattern looks the same. Among leading aluminum manufacturers in China, Haomei aims to supply superior quality embossed aluminium sheet metals of competitive price.

    workshop for embossed aluminum sheet and coil metals

    Alloy A1050,A1060,A1100,A3003,A3004,A3005,A3105,A5052,A5082, A5083,A8011
    Temper HO,H12,H14,H16,H18,H24,H32,T112
    Thickness 0.21-3mm
    Width for coil: 600mm  ~ 1800mm, could be custom-made

    for sheet: 20mm  ~ 1650mm, could be custom-made

    Length As required
    Design patterns triple rice grain pattern, stucco, orange peel, five bar, two bar, one bar, diamond, wood grain, stone grain, ripple
    Painting or not Available, as required
    Film thickness single-coated 4-20 micron double coated 25-28 micron 3 coated 35-38 micron
    Coating material PVDF, PE, EXPOXY, PU
    Coated colors blue, red, green, gray, black, white, silver, pink, purple etc. More than 1000 kinds of RAL color
    Payment TT, LC, West Union etc.

    embossed aluminum sheet patterns


    1) Strong weather resistance, wind pressure, surface leveling, rugged,

    2) light weight, convenient transportation

    3) simple installation, low cost, elegance

    4) strong metal texture, which can be fully recycled


    Stucco Embossed aluminium sheet are usually used in refrigerators, air conditioners, pipe insulation, kitchen cabinet, wine cabinet, solar panel, exhibition halls, stadiums, airports, railway stations roofing system and ceiling decorative sheet. The plates have good thermal conductivity and excellent heat dissipation owing to the special nature of the patterns. At present, in the refrigeration industry, the 3003 series of rust-proof aluminum coil are widely used; In pipe insulation and packaging 1000 series are widely used.

     Packaging and Shipping

    Package:Wooden package,about 2metric tons per package;20 to 25metric tons per 20feet container

    packing for embossed aluminum sheet metals

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