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3003 aluminium circle

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3003 aluminum discs

Features of 3003 aluminum discs

3003 aluminum discs are the most popular in application among 3xxx aluminum circles. Other alloys include 3004, 3005, 3104 and 3105 etc. In comparison with 1000 series aluminum circles (1050, 1060, 1070, 1100), 3000 discs have harder strength and better corrosion resistance. A 3003 disc contains a slight amount of magnesium featured in light weight and excellent anti-rust property. In …

1050 and 3003 aluminium circle sheet

Differences between 3003 and 1050 aluminium circle sheet pieces

3003 aluminium circle sheet and aluminium circle 1050 are two representatives of regular aluminium wafers. In fact, most of the aluminum products we have seen are made from aluminium circle sheet pieces after secondary processing. The quality of aluminium circle sheet is relatively light and not easily corroded, so it is widely used in transportation, such as aviation, automobiles and …

3003 aluminium round circles

Features of 3003 aluminium round circles

3003 aluminium round circles are a regular semi-processed aluminum product. They are alloying circles containing aluminum and magnesium. Magnesium has excellent corrosion resistance and welding property, making the 3003 aluminium circle even more corrosion resistant and flexible to various processing methods. Generally speaking, features of 3003 aluminium round circles include light weight, strong corrosion resistance and good welding properties. Aluminium …

aluminium circle manufacturers in china

Classification of Aluminium Circle by Manufacturers in China

Aluminium circle manufacturers in China mainly classify aluminum circle discs by alloy, application and further processing methods. By alloys there are aluminium circle 1050, 1060, 1100, 1200, 3003 and 5052. 1050 and 3003 aluminium circle prove to be among the most frequently searched ones online. 3003 has harder strength and stronger corrosion resistance than 1050. Tempers for aluminium circles include …

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