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Features of 3003 aluminium round circles

June 11, 2019

3003 aluminium round circles are a regular semi-processed aluminum product. They are alloying circles containing aluminum and magnesium. Magnesium has excellent corrosion resistance and welding property, making the 3003 aluminium circle even more corrosion resistant and flexible to various processing methods. Generally speaking, features of 3003 aluminium round circles include light weight, strong corrosion resistance and good welding properties.

3003 aluminium round circles

Aluminium proves to be the lightest among regular industrial metals like iron, copper and aluminium. Its density is only one third of copper. Magnesium, however, is even lighter than aluminium. This makes 3003 aluminium circles extremely light. Owing to the fact that the circles are mostly applied in vehicles and electronic products, lightness becomes an overwhelming advantage over other materials, for it helps to reduce energy consumption of vehicles and weight of portable products like cell phones. Both aluminium and magnesium have a good natural corrosion resistance, which endows 3003 aluminium round circles with excellent anti-rust performances. Good welding properties are important as well, for it makes it easier to combine the circles with other parts of a product.

Boasting features above, 3003 aluminium round circles are commonly used as raw materials of power battery casings in light-weight vehicles, cookware, food storage devices, tanks, silos on transport equipment, sheet metal pressure vessels and pipes.

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