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1060 1085 heat reflective aluminum sheets

1060 1085 heat reflective aluminum sheets

1060 and 1085 heat reflective aluminum sheets represent two levels of solar reflective aluminium sheet in processing methods, reflectivity, mechanical properties and prices. The 1060 heat reflective aluminium sheet is fabricated from 1060 aluminium ingot by continuous rolling. If the rolling machine is not a mirror roller, an extra polishing step must be added. However, polished aluminium sheets perform poorer …

solar reflective aluminum sheet

Solar reflective aluminum sheet

A solar reflective aluminum sheet is a 1050, 1060, 1070, 1085 or 1095 mirror aluminum sheet used for solar reflective panels. The sheet is usually 0.12mm to 2.0mm thick, 20mm to 1300mm wide and less than 1000mm wide. It is applied to a vast scope of fields, such as building decoration, furniture, lighting, cameras, electronic product shells, packaging, traffic vehicles …

Solar reflective aluminum material mirror sheets

Solar reflective aluminum material mirror sheets

Our solar reflective material sheets are a kind of reflective aluminium, mainly used in outdoor applications such as solar thermal photovoltaics and solar thermal cookers. Reflective mirror sheets are made of the purest, high-quality aluminum coil, have high load capacity and are ideal for manufacturing high-quality products. The reflective aluminum sheet metal can be printed, cut, straightened, rolled, formed, bent, …

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