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Solar reflective aluminum sheet

July 14, 2021

A solar reflective aluminum sheet is a 1050, 1060, 1070, 1085 or 1095 mirror aluminum sheet used for solar reflective panels. The sheet is usually 0.12mm to 2.0mm thick, 20mm to 1300mm wide and less than 1000mm wide. It is applied to a vast scope of fields, such as building decoration, furniture, lighting, cameras, electronic product shells, packaging, traffic vehicles and so on.

solar reflective aluminum sheet

The solar reflective aluminum sheets are made into solar heater panels that reflects the sunlight leaking from the middle of the two heat collecting tubes to the back sun surface of the heat collecting tube, so as to increase the heat absorption of the heat collecting tube. Therefore, excellent reflective sheets must meet the requirements of easy processing and installation, high reflectivity and durable mirroring effect. Not a few domestic reflective aluminium sheets perform well at the very beginning but get diffused on the surface, which leads to reduction of reflectivity and wast of solar energy. Haomei sheets avoid such a problem. In addition to regularly polished aluminum sheets, we also offer anodized hot rolled mirror aluminium sheets of high and long lasting reflectivity. If you need top products, we have 1085 and 1095 anodized mirror finish aluminium sheets.

Haomei offers customized specifications and processes. Cutting, filming and customized packaging are available. As one of our main products, Haomei solar reflective aluminum sheets have been exported to many countries, including South Africa, India, Sri Lank, Pakistan, Thailand, Philippines, Egypt, Middle East, Ethiopia, Morocco, Korea, Vietnam etc. Welcome to contact us for a price.

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