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Aluminum Coil Stock Colors

June 12, 2018

Aluminum coil stock colors can be made in accordance with specific application and requirement of clients. As one of the main aluminum alloy products widely applied, the aluminum coil is seldom processed directly into end products. It usually goes through various assistant manufacturing processes to get ready for different end usages. The most ordinary assistant process is color coating.

aluminum coil stock colors

Generally speaking, there are around dozens of colors for clients to choose. Stocks for roofing sheet are usually painted with gray, silver, blue or red. Stocks for wall cladding, on the other hand, are commonly coated with dark and unique colors like silver, gold, pink etc. If you will use an aluminum coil stock as ceilings, there are rich color scopes. You can choose bright colors for KTV ceilings, tasteful colors for home ceilings and stylistic colors for hotel ceilings. In addition, different aluminum coil stock colors can be combined to create ideal atmosphere under different circumstances. Most manufacturers offer customization service as well. Except for colors, the painting of given designs are available. The creation of designs proves to be endless as long as you’d like to try.

At present PVDF is the most popular painting. It displays extraordinary anti-fading property as well as excellent wear resistance under strong sunshine. Experiments prove that it last two decades without decaying. Well-treated stocks have a coating thickness of no less than 25um. They serve as wall cladding covers or interior decorative materials all over the world. Another kind of painting for is PE. After being coated onto items, it feels smooth and real. Two degrees of gloss are available with it. The coating protects items against UV, wind, rain, snow, frost and other natural weather conditions. PE coated aluminum coil stocks are suitable for interior decoration and advertising especially.

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