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Aluminium Sheet Manufacturer

January 24, 2022

Aluminium sheet manufacturer – HAOMEI is regard as your reliable and professional aluminum sheet factory in China with rich experience. The deep processing of aluminum sheet is the embodiment of aluminum sheet manufacturers strength. This process is very useful, but there are also some problems that may arise abnormally. So, what are the problems encountered in the deep processing of aluminum sheets?

aluminium sheet manufacturer

The aluminium sheet manufacturer should pay attention to the selection of the aluminum sheet for deep processing. The hardness of the aluminium sheet is relatively high and it is very easy to break. Therefore, it is necessary to check the raw material and choose the aluminum sheet material with better quality. When purchasing an aluminum sheet, you need to check its grade and status, and then choose the grade of the aluminum sheet according to the requirements of the drawings.


In the deep processing of aluminum sheet, attention should also be paid to the protection work during the transportation and processing of aluminum sheets. The specific requirement is to process in strict accordance with the requirements of customers to reduce the damage of parts during transportation. In addition, in the process of aluminum sheet processing, we must pay attention to the placement of aluminium sheet parts. It must be placed in the designated position, which is very convenient to handle.


In the deep processing of aluminum sheets, attention should also be paid to the punching problem of the surface of the parts. Before the aluminum sheet is cut and punched, the gap between the upper and lower dies of the tool needs to be adjusted, because compared with the cutting of ordinary cold-rolled plates, the gap between the aluminium sheets should be reduced, so that the burr of the punching incision can be avoided to the greatest extent.


The aluminium sheet manufacturer should also pay attention to the bending during the deep processing of the aluminum sheet. Its bending principle is to increase the inner angle of the bending as much as possible under the conditions that the product is used, so as to avoid damage to the internal structure of the plate, but it needs to be paid attention to. The point is that the bending direction of the aluminum sheet must be vertical, not parallel.


These are the introductions to the problems encountered in the deep processing of aluminium sheets, understand these problems, grasp the reasons to avoid similar problems again, and improve work efficiency.

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