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Brushed aluminium sheet for furniture and home appliance

August 4, 2020

A brushed aluminium sheet is a special friction extrusion plate falling on different patterns and specifications matching varied application conditions. While being used in furniture and home appliance, the sheet should be selected carefully. Purchasers should pay attention not only to the quality of the sheets, but also to the color, line pattern and anodizing film thickness.

If you need to make kitchen ventilators, for example, you must take its special working conditions into account. Bright and light colors are not recommendable for oily fumes will mask them before you know it and it will take great efforts to clean the ventilators. Therefore, you have to choose some stain-resistant stainless steel, black and other surface drawing skills for the brushed aluminium plates, so as to obtain both stain-resistant and decorative effects.

Brushed aluminium sheet for furniture and home appliance

To cater for increasing widely application scopes, brushed aluminium sheet suppliers are now making straight, cross, chaotic, thread, corrugated and twisted line patterns. Thin tidy lines create a neat modern atmosphere and tough lines suits furniture of traditional decoration styles. In the meantime, manufacturers have also carried out strict exploration for coloring technology of brushed sheets, from the traditional plating color, gradually evolving into the oxidation reaction color, which bring the reality of metal gloss of the sheets to a new high level and enlarges the sheets’ application scope.

Of course, no matter what kind of specification you choose, you should still first stick to the corrosion resistance, the glossiness and the fidelity of color pattern. Only in this way can you purchase satisfying brushed aluminium sheets for furniture and home appliance.

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