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How to choose wood grain aluminum coils for sale

July 31, 2020

How to choose wood grain aluminum coils for sale? The easiest way is to check the surface treatment methods: laminating, spray painting, baking varnish, and rolling paint. The coil of spray paint and baking varnish has a relatively short service life, and there will be chromatic aberration problems. Film-covered wood grain aluminum rolls are also divided into imported films and ordinary panels, and the service life of imported films can reach more than 20 years without color fading.

wood grain aluminum coils for sale

The film-covered wood grain aluminum coil is covered with a film on the aluminum alloy substrate. It is made of high-gloss film or phantom color film, coated with professional adhesives on the surface of the board. The laminated coil has a bright luster and a wide variety of colors to choose from. It is waterproof and fireproof, has excellent durability (weather resistance, corrosion resistance, chemical resistance), stain resistance, and superior UV resistance. Its film quality and thickness vary from supplier to supplier.

The coating thickness on the surface of the roll-coated wood grain aluminum coil is thinner than film-coated coils, only 0.04MM, so regular roll-coated rolls are generally 0.1MM thinner than a film-coated coil of the same specification. However, due to the roller coating process, roll-coated aluminum coil rolls are less prone to chromatic aberration. They are also softer in reflection, easier to clean, more resistant to scratching and color changing, and higher in price.

Paint-rolled wood grain aluminum coil is obtained by rolling paint onto the mill finish coil surface with a roller paint machine. Although it has a thin paint layer, the combination of the paint surface and the board surface is very good, the adhesion is strong, and the sealing ability is high.

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