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1060 brushed aluminium sheet for photo frames

August 7, 2020

Brushed 1060 aluminum sheet for photo frames is 0.1mm to 1.0mm thick, and up to 1600mm wide. The colors include silver, light gold, light blue, light copper etc. Since the quality of aluminum is much lighter than glass, anodized aluminum, especially the brushed anodized aluminum plate, has become the designated material for photo frame manufacturers.

brushed aluminium sheet 1050

1060 aluminium sheet has natural advantages as a photo frame material. It’s light, soft, corrosion resistant and adaptable to various processing methods. It has such a good elongation and plasticity that it can be made into thin pieces below 0.2mm thick. Unlike 3xxx alu grades, 1060 can be anodized with colors. And most importantly, its’ cheaper than either 3xxx or 5xxx aluminium sheets, the other two types of regular materials for brushed aluminum sheets. The anodizing film further strengthens the hardness and erosion resistance of the sheet surface, which eventually helps to extend the service life of photo frames. What’s more, brushed aluminum sheets suppliers are making every effort to cater for changing market demands. They strive to develop rich types of strips that can be made into long-length drawing, medium-length drawing, short drawing and even so-called angel silk. Clients have full access to various anodizing colors, too. This alone leaves glass photo frames 20 blocks behind.

Unlike glass or wood frames, brushed aluminium photo frames are not restricted in the “simple metal” style. With a unique metal sense and a natural color, they can be as modern as glass frames. If you need a traditional style, it’s a piece of cake, too. 1060 brushed aluminium sheets with wood grain drawings are available, too. You can never tell the true material of a wood-like frame unless you touch it. No wonder brushed aluminium is overwhelming in photo frame material market.

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