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Brushed aluminium sheet for labels

August 5, 2020

Brushed aluminum sheets 4×8 are a type of aluminium product for labels with a given size. Other sizes are available, too, and the thickness of the sheets ranges from 0.18mm to 3mm. Further cut into small pieces of given sizes, they finally turn into delicate labels with logo designs or instructions for bags, dresses, art craft, ornaments, electronic items, machinery an so on. Small as the labels are, they either stands for fame of a brand or serves as guideline carriers. Thus they must be soft, corrosion resistant, easy to be colored and printed, water-proof, oil-proof and adaptable to various application conditions.

Brushed aluminium sheet for labels

The brushed aluminium sheet serves as an excellent label materials for the following reasons. First, it’s light and thin. Compared to its competitors, including Zinc alloy, copper, iron and steel, aluminium has the smallest density and lightest weight. A piece of aluminum label weighs only one third of labels of other materials. In addition, the stretching and deep drawing properties of aluminium is on a par with copper and steel. As a result, aluminium can be made into pieces as thin as 0.009mm, although most label sheets are 0.1mm above. Second, aluminium sheets can be made into varied hardness in accordance with your requirements about labels. With 8 series covering hundreds of grades, they can be soft enough for kids to bend them easily, or as strong as bicycle frames. Third, aluminum plates, especially brushed anodized ones, boasts outstanding corrosion resistance and long service life. As a result, they cover such a wide scope of application. There are not only regular products like brushed aluminium sheet for furniture and home appliance, but also brushed sheets for labels and automobile decoration. Fourth, Different colors can be selected according to the characteristics and needs of the product itself. In the use of labels, the basic colors such as nature, stainless steel, gold, rose and so on, are generally selected. These colors give a simple and elegant look with full texture.

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