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Why is pvc used in painted aluminum coil

August 6, 2020

Aluminum coil painted materials requires the use of special coatings to ensure excellent adhesion and protection. Ordinary paints, such as polyurethane paint, acrylic paint, zinc-rich primer, etc., are difficult to adhere to the metal surface, and cannot achieve the effect of anti-corrosion decoration. Dispersing polyvinyl chloride in a liquid plasticizer, plasticizing it into a plastisol, and adding emulsion (a kind of adhesive), stabilizer, filler, and coloring agent, can make a coating for aluminum plates.

pvc painted aluminum coil

Polyvinyl chloride coatings, referred to as PVC in English, have excellent film forming properties and specific coating properties, such as gloss, fullness, hardness, elasticity, weather resistance, and chemical resistance. Its glass transition temperature is 80~85℃. After adding the plasticizer, the glass transition temperature can be reduced, which is convenient for processing at a lower temperature, and the flexibility and plasticity of the molecular chain are increased, and it can be made into a flexible product at room temperature. A pvc coil stock of aluminium is used in mobile phones, TVs, computers, automobiles, motorcycle accessories and other fields, such as automotive exterior parts and interior parts. In addition, PVC aluminium coil is also used in sports and leisure appliances, cosmetic packaging, toys, etc.

PVC can also be made into a film to cover aluminum coils and plates, and the color can also be adjusted as needed. A calender can be used to make polyvinyl chloride into a transparent or colored film with a specified thickness. The film produced by this method is called a calendered film. The granular raw material of polyvinyl chloride can also be blown into a film using a blow molding machine. The film produced by this method is called a blown film. The main characteristics of polyvinyl chloride film are excellent transparency and gloss, its strength is better than PE film, gas barrier properties (such as C() 2 gas) and oil resistance are greater, but its printability is not good, and there are certain The problem of toxic migration. According to different plasticizer dosages, polyvinyl chloride films are divided into three types, namely soft PVC film, semi-rigid PVC film, and rigid PVC film. PVC coated aluminum trim coil covers a wide range of application in building and household decoration.

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