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3003 pe aluminum coil for cell ceiling

August 17, 2020

3003 pe aluminum coil for cell ceiling is used as a particular ceiling material with light weight, sustainable color and long service life. 3003 aluminum coil ranks top in 3000 series of aluminium products either with a checkered service or a color coated surface. There are several reasons for the popularity of 3003 in various industries. It has a medium strength, a better corrosion resistance than 1000 series, and the best comprehensive price efficiency in comparison to 1000 and 5000 series. The mechanical and chemical properties of 3003 are excellent enough for most application conditions required of aluminium products in ordinary industrial production.

3003 pe aluminum coil for cell ceiling

Aluminium coil pe is coated with one of the most frequently applied paint, polyethylene, an environmental paint during the coating of which no by-products are released and the paint solvent can all be transformed into solid polymers. Its solid content can be nearly 100%, which is a feature that other coatings do not have.It can form a thicker paint film at one time, with good sealing performance and high fullness. In addition, pe coating shows an outstanding integrated properties in wear resistance, corrosion resistance and heat resistance. Those features are further highlighted after the paint is applied to 3003 aluminium coil, a product adopted widely by roofing and ceiling industries.

3003 pe aluminum coil for cell ceiling is not so hard and corrosion resistant as 3004 pe coated aluminum coil for roofing, but its properties are good enough as a ceiling material used indoors.

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