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Processes to keep aluminum coil rolls from being corroded

August 24, 2020

Some processes help to keep a roll of aluminum coil from being corroded, including color coating, anodizing, filming etc. Although pure aluminium and aluminium alloy coils are naturally corrosion resistant, their properties are not strong enough in some application cases like roofing, ceiling and insulation that requiring higher resistance to water, sunshine, high temperatures etc.

Color coating is the most frequently applied method in improving corrosion resistance of aluminium rolls, for it’s easy to carry out and relative process is mature. Coated with PE, PVDF or PVC, rolls of aluminum coil get a “paint jacket” protecting them from most corrosive materials. With never-ending technological development, these paints become more and more environmental and durable, safe and long-lasting in both outdoor and indoor applications. Moreover, pre-painting is suitable for most ordinary alloys for aluminium coil rolls, such as 1xxx, 3xxx, 5xxx and so on. Haomei low price 1070 aluminum coil is often coated with pe paints for outdoor uses.

aluminum coil

Anodizing is another popular method in strengthening surface properties of aluminium coils. Such a process proves to be more expensive than color painting, thus it’s less widely applied. Only manufacturers of high-tech products like cell phones and laptops need anodized aluminum coil and plate products, since color coated aluminum coil rolls do not reach their requirements in film hardness and texture effect. The biggest advantage of an anodized aluminum sheet is that it looks like any other common piece of metal in appearance, but that it lasts much much longer. Anodizing helps manufacturers to color aluminium coil and sheet products in an almost traceless way. Natural as it is, the anodized film is harder than even steel. 5005, 5052, 5083 and 5754 aluminum coil rolls are the best candidates for anodizing process and electronic shells.

Filming is more frequently applied to aluminum mirror sheets. As one of the three processing methods for reflective aluminium sheets, it has an extra function of protecting filmed aluminium surface from being attacked by corrosive elements.

Whatever method taken to enhance a roll of aluminum coil’s corrosion resistance, the purpose is to extend its service life as long as possible in certain application conditions. It’s worth mentioning that each method above has its own advantages and applicable fields.

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