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Advantages of Color Coated Aluminum Coils

February 15, 2019

The color coated aluminum coil is a relatively popular product in the aluminum market. Because of its good cost performance, it is widely used in areas of aluminum ceilings, roofing surfaces, trims, cans, aluminum veneers and the like. Advantages of the coil include advanced technology, high folding resistance, strong decorative effect, strong weather resistance and light weight.

1. Advanced technology and high folding resistance

Raw materials such as aluminum, plastic and adhesive used in color coated aluminum coils are high-quality products, and have been processed by advanced composite technology. Finished aluminum trim coil stocks do not have problems of bending, deformation or expansion in regular climate conditions, including changes in wind pressure, temperature and humidity etc.

2. Rich in color and strong decorative effect

The color coated aluminum coil gives a realistic material feeling and displays a fresh natural beauty. Diversity of colors offer clients more personal choices. The coil is so widely used that a color coated aluminum coil importer can be a purchaser from many areas, like construction, electronic appliances, furniture, solar reflectors and so on.

color coated aluminum coils

3. Strong weather resistance and stable colors

The paint pattern formed by coating and high temperature baking has high gloss retention, good color stability and minimal change in color difference. The bright color of the aluminum coil for venetian blind can be used as the protective layer of the outdoor building, the advertising wall or the outer casing of electronic products. The surface layer can be even guaranteed for 30 years after special treatment. When Haomei performs heat treatment, the strength and hardness of the aluminum coil below 300 mm diameter can be stabilized. Our color coated aluminum coils perform stronger weather resistance. In high temperature working environment, aluminum coils are generally not prone to permanent deformation. Resistant to acid and alkali, they have a high flame retardancy.

4. Light weight

The weight per unit volume of color coated aluminum coils is the lightest among metal materials, and they are also the most popular new material. At present, Haomei’s aluminum sheet foil processing capacity is 400,000 tons per year. In the future, it will continue to provide quality products and promote the development of the industry.

We offer color coated aluminum coils as below:

Thickness: 0.2-1.5mm

Width: 600-1850mm

Film thickness: single coating 4-20 micron, double coating 25-28 micron, 3 coating 35-38 micron.

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