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How Are Aluminium Slugs Made into Collapsible Tubes

February 14, 2019

Aluminium slug pieces can be made into various end products like cosmetic tubes, bottle caps, medicine tubes and collapsible tubes. Then how is a small flat piece of aluminium slug made into various tubes of desired sizes and depth?

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An aluminum slug for collapsible tube is obtained on a machine that cuts many slugs from a straight bar or coiled stock. The thickness, shape and size of the slug is set by a stop in the machine. A feeding mechanism feeds the aluminum bar or coil stock up against the stop and then a knife pushes against the aluminum material and shears of the slug. This is done at a fairly high speed of production. The cut slugs are then sent to a cold heading machine that reverse extrudes each aluminium slug into a straight can shape. A plunger pushes against the slug inside a hole in a die and the material flows up the plunger to form a can. This is done in a full automatic production line where aluminium slugs are fed into the start unit of the line. They are then extruded, during which lips are rolled onto them. The inside of the shaped cans are lacquered, and next labels are rolled onto them. The finished empty cans are bunched together, strapped and stacked on pallets ready to ship. All the steps are done on one production line with no human touch from start to finish.

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